Monday, May 30, 2011

PBS - Tupac Against the World & PBS

It seems that PBS is suffering from multiple attack vectors, ranging from potentially massive budget cutbacks, to accusations of being partisan, to the latest today from cyberattackers. Hackers "LulzSec" have managed to hijack the main PBS news hour website and proclaimed that Tupac Shakur is alive and kicking. Tupac has joined a long list of notable immortals sightings ranging from Elvis and Notorious BIG, to the latest: UBL. This type of hack highlights the "bragging rights" type of hacking. "Bragging rights" type of hacking is often motivated by mischief or proving that one can do it, as opposed those that are financially motivated. However, if steps are not put in place to prevent these relatively benign type of attacks, more pernicious ones will exploit the same loopholes, as well. Content entry into websites should be secured beyond just static username/passwords combos. PBS needs all the help it can get to ward off all the attacks it will face in these austere times.

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