Friday, June 17, 2011

Citibank Breach - Are Hacks The New Subprime?

Is 210,000 the new 360,000?

It seems quite a while since numeracy was a prerequisite for bankers. During the subprime mortgage gold rush of the 2000s income numbers were thrown out of the window and replaced with fuzzy logic like future potential income etc... It seems that hack announcements by institutions are the new subprime asset class where the numbers clearly do not add up. Bankers are now employing Quantitative Easing (QE henceforth) when it comes to their announcements. So Citibank has just now announced that it was not 200 K plus , but over 360 K victims. As in a previous blog post of ours we wonder how much more inflation the hack victim numbers will suffer, and when and if the whole truth will be revealed:
Citibank admits to a security breach affecting over 210,000 customers. They admitted it one month after the cyberattack. Are there more damaging releases that have been withheld? Is this the drip water torture of Chinese fame? How do we know this is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Is it like thedoublespeak of RSA fame? Is it one of a string of damning breaches of Sony fame?

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