Thursday, June 16, 2011

Death, Taxes And Now Hacks??

If Benjamin Franklin was around today, he might have written in his correspondence with Jean-Baptiste Leroy that "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and hacks." Every day passes by, and another government curries favors with the "hacktivists." The list includes governments ranging from the United States to Uganda to Israel to Spain to Turkey and now Malaysia. Every upset kid spurned by society and armed with an Internet connection (preferably the Wi-Fi of neighbors) can launch a series of attacks. Of course not all attacks are created equal, and the more sinister types remain unmentioned and usually unnoticed. Oftentimes, the more insidious hackers go for the digital jugular and can remain parasitic on host systems till it's too late. Governments, enterprises and entities should adopt stronger security software and help prevent against such intrusions. CIOs and CSOs should not be lulled into complacency and should look proactively for robust security software. Hacks are the new Tax of the digital era, and if we adopt strong defenses we will avoid paying the highest price online: the Death of online business.

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