Monday, June 6, 2011

The Sony Effect Continues Unabated - LulzSec Strikes Again At Sony

According to the latest news in twitterdom and LulzSec's press release, Sony has been hit again:
".......... We've recently bought a copy of this great new game called "Hackers vs Sony", but we're unable to play it online due to PSN being obliterated. So we decided to play offline mode for a while and got quite a few trophies. Our latest goal is "Hack Sony 5 Times", so please find enclosed our 5th Sony hack.  Enjoy this 54MB collection of SVN Sony Developer source code. That's hackers 16, Sony 0. Your move!  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: HACK SONY 6 TIMES! Oh damn, we just did it again, please also find enclosed internal network maps of Sony BMG.
The Sony Effect is out in full force, and it has become increasingly hard to keep abreast of the attacks. The misfortune to hit Sony is unfortunately a predicament that will face many other large companies, but they may not have the privilege of even being aware of it. A great analysis of Sony Pictures' passwords is presented here by Troy Hunter.

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