Thursday, June 16, 2011

Who You Gonna Call? Hackbusters Needed Against Keyboard Commandos

While Wall Street has deemed security software vendors companies to be New New Thing, all entities with a digital footprint are probably looking for a higher authority out there to help them navigate these choppy waters while the Lulz Boat and others are sailing. Strong security procedures built from the ground-up coupled with the latest advancements in security software are prerequisites. Furthermore, entities have to cover up loopholes by institutionalizing security at every level of the corporate hierarchy. It cannot be looked at as a cost in your P/L statement, otherwise you run the risk of your brand being tar-and-feathered by keyboard commandos. Digital security has finally made it to the boardroom and cabinet/ministerial level just like ERP had in the 1980s and 1990s. ERP is now the boring part of enterprise applications due to its wide success and adoption and being institutionalized. Let's hope that digital security will also be a given, and no longer a daily touching/embarrassing/scandalous subject.

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