Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sony France Hacked - A Lebanese and French Pair Beat LulzSec To The Bragging Rights

Over 177 thousand emails from Sony Pictures France have been compromised using the standard ploy of SQL injections as most of the previous hacks of Sony Fame (hence the Sony Effect). For a change this was not carried out by LulzSec or Anonymous, but by self-identified Lebanese Idahc and French Auth3ntiq. They claim to be NOT Black Hats and that it is just a POC (proof-of- concept). Why a proof-of-concept was necessary for Sony after receiving a battering of 20 hacks in the span of two months, as we all have probably figured out that Sony's CSO has been on holiday for a while, and Idahc had already penetrated Sony Europe's and Sony Ericcson's defenses before.

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