Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Got Hacks In Every Area Code - Call The Hackathon - Pierre Dubois & Francois Deluxe Are Listening

LulzSec has made the headlines almost daily since their "Hacktivist" feats with Sony, hence the Sony Effect, put them on the map. I wonder if there will ever be a Strange Maps for their hacks like there was one for the rapper Christopher Brian Bridges, aka Ludacris. And I wonder if they are on the bombing radar of the Pentagon after the new updated bombs-for-hacks military doctrine. They pulled off a Senate hack and are now inviting suggestions for new hacks/victims. I am sure the folks at Sony, Nintendo and PBS News wish the callers don't suffer from Schadenfreude. Anyway, the Frenchmen Pierre Dubois and Francois Deluxe are all ears for the next Tupacalypse and they are apparently "laughing out loud" with a French cum Peter Sellers/Pink Panther accent. You can reach them at 1-614-LULZSEC.

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