Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Never Ending RSA SecurID Related Cyberattacks - Northrop Grumman Is The Latest Victim Outed

According to a Fox News exclusive, Northrop Grumman became another victim of the RSA SecurID breach and has joined a proud litany of fellow military contractors hit by cyberattackers. The upside is that it is in the same boat as competitors such as Lockheed Martin and L-3 and probably a lot of others who are either not aware of a RSA SecurID-related breach or have yet to be outed. Of course, the hackers now have to contend with the Pentagon doctrine of bombs-for-hacks program. The Pentagon has armed themselves with the latest generation of basement-buster missiles to hit the hackers--and the countries that provide them with a safe harbor.

These breaches do highlight that security and authentication cannot be taken lightly, and that companies have to start moving away from one-time password-based security tokens to adopting stronger authentication mechanisms like challenge-response and transaction data signing even for basic login schemes.

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